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I'm Rochelle Dancel, a web series producer and creative at Bats In Belfries.

These are little nuggets of stuff I'm working on, stuff I want to bookmark, places I am and things I'm eating. I make no apologies for the randomness.


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Big blast from the past: was clearing out a cocktail purse this morning and found these button badges from when we took B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye to the Gay Games in Cologne in 2010 with @afterellen! #lockandload


We proudly bring you part one of our season finale, ‘Waiting In The Wings’!

Watch Producing Juliet from the start at ProducingJuliet.com!

And now the end is near… don’t miss the second part of this next week!


ICYMI, here’s our latest episode, ‘Stage Reality’!

Watch Producing Juliet from the start at ProducingJuliet.com

Wait’s over! :)

Especially proud of everyone for this episode - seriously hitting their stride!

View from my breakfast table :D #goodmorning (at Kasbah Tamadot)

Saw this tonight for the first time since I last worked on the show in 1999. I won’t lie - I got emotional. #somanymemories #misssaigon (at The Prince Edward Theatre)

Extras required for The Paradox Series

The awesome team making the Paradox series is looking for extras for a shoot this Saturday, 5th July in London.

The location is the Ogilvy office at 10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4QB. 

They’re looking for both men and women of all ages who can look like corporate staff, and who could bring with them a smart suit or office wear for the scene(s) - that would be greatly appreciated :)

The shoot time for the main scene runs from 10.30am until 3pm, or until 7pm to film a couple of extra scenes if you’re able to stay.

Travel expenses, lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

If you’re interested could contact either:
James O’Shea (Director) at jamesoshea_01@hotmail.com
Louise Purvis (Assistant Director) at louisemovingahead@hotmail.co.uk

The view from my new desk on the third floor #nopressure #canneslions (at SapientNitro)

The courtyard at my office: flags out for the #worldcup with #Wimbledon on the big screen (at Zetland House)

I love following the life of this show - it’s a blueprint for fellow web series producers on how to continuously develop your show.

Like many of my peers, I don’t just have one job – or job title. This makes explaining what I actually do quite challenging, especially to people that don’t work in the media, online or at an agency.

I was recently asked by a student at a careers event to document a typical working day as a way of explaining what I actually do. 

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