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I'm Rochelle Dancel, a web series producer and creative at Bats In Belfries.

These are little nuggets of stuff I'm working on, stuff I want to bookmark, places I am and things I'm eating. I make no apologies for the randomness.


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Sunday In The Park

After several months of rain, the first sunny weekends in London bring their own kind of joyful charm.

People are way more relaxed; you can tell it in the way they amble, a complete contrast to the rush that will happen when Monday hits tomorrow.

Today I sat in Kensington Palace Gardens eating chocolate rice pudding (Whole Foods is just up the road) doing a bit of writing, a little sketching and a whole lot of people watching: groups of friend taking selfies, solo toddlers running around groups of adults, couples, people snoozing, tourists - all unhurried, all unrushed.


If Barack Obama can use YouTube influencers to effectively convey his message, your brand can probably use YouTube influencers, too.

Today I watched a TrueView ad all the way through on YouTube for the first time, instead of hitting the Skip Ad button.

This was the video - Diesel and i-D’s A-Z of Dance. Nicely done :)

Just finished Level V of #monumentvalleygame. Safe to say it’s a #newobsession. Damn you @michaelazzo for introducing me to it!

I thankfully answered my phone at quarter to six this morning. Who knows what the rest of this unexpected day will bring :) (at Channel 4 HQ)



It would not surprise me if they were like this IRL too :)

Check out this short by The Vessel's Phillip Whiteman and Danny Gomez, winner of The Guardian’s Superhero challenge - nicely done, guys :)

And we’re done (for now anyways…)! Been great working with you, Hive :) (at eBee)

Walking home #Eros

Chilling ahead of a long ass week.

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